Bienvenido a Miami!

Miami: for better or worse, your home. You’ve lived here happily for years… possibly even decades or, for some your fellow Kindred, even longer. These are perilous nights – the blood runs thin in your newest brothers and sisters, and you are beset upon constantly by challenges within and without – Kindred and Kine, and even other supernatural beings. Will you band together to face these threats and secure your unlife? What alliances will you forge or break? Only time will tell.
The Camarilla is a sect that thrives (and dies) on the idea of tradition, order, and subservience to your elders. The more generations you have between you and Cain, the weaker the power of your blood and the less you can do about this system of power except to participate in the politics of survival and currying for favor. The Camarilla upholds the precept of the Masquerade (on pain of eternal death) – hiding in plain sight from the world of the mortals. You were burned at the stake and hunted across the Old World of Europe once. You cannot let that happen again.
The Sabbat is the embodiment of chaos itself, shunning allegiance to the Elders and having successfully staged an uprising – killing the elders of their clans by brunt force and overwhelming numbers. The Pack is the base guerilla warfare group of the Sabbat, and is everything to its members. A group of malicious and sadistic vampires that thrive on embracing the Beast – the animal within, they perform ritual blood sharing ceremonies that mystically tie the members together emotionally. Truly, the pack is a single beast. Vampires are ageless, they constantly grow in power, have vision… why should they not inherit the Earth? Vampires are the apex predator, and humanity is the flock of sheep… waiting to be sucked dry. They wage war with the Camarilla, not being constrained by the cowardly Masquerade. They storm humanity, showing themselves, forcing the Camarilla to expend resources and influence to cover up psychopathic deeds they perform on humanity.
The Independents… Anarchs…you… want nothing to do with this childish war. You want to be left in peace to follow paths of your own making. The Convention of Thorns allows you this, being allied with, but not beholden to the Camarilla. Their only jurisdiction over you is for the most heinous of crimes – and your guilt is waived after the short time of a single year. Truly, ‘tis but blink of the eye to one of the Kindred. Miami is YOUR city. A city of freedom, a city with no Elders, a city that is run by a council of your peers, elected once every quarter-century.
Not for long, if either the Camarilla or Sabbat have anything to say about it, as their squabbles have finally made their way to your home. The turf war is now your war, and the Council has elected to walk a very, VERY tight rope. There is no net below… there is chasm filled with the sharpest of spikes. Your command is to help the city by pitting one side against the other, helping both and being loyal to neither. You must drag this battle out for so long that both side tire of throwing valuable time and resources against your wall of indifference. To be sure – you must also use this time to build up your own power and the power of the Independents. Be wary, be smart, and be ruthless. You are defending your home, and your freedom.

Miami Vices